segunda-feira, 29 de janeiro de 2018

Let me know you're reading the signs!

I'm not complaining ...
I just want you to know that this distance hurts me.
You're so far away, many borders.
In my thoughts, but..
Not in a corner.
Maybe even too busy.
Under pressure!
How hard it is to love someone beyond the horizon.
Hide my feelings
'cos no one would understand.
When I close my eyes, when I am distracted
and I see your face
It chills me!
My chest feels something strong, unlike anything else.
I cry, I smile, I wish you the best, even if it's not by my side.
But in my heart, I desire you.
I see us together..
However, sometimes it seems unlikely.
Anyway, I hope my words get to you.
Please, Mr. give me a sign that against all odds,
 I still have a chance,
That I'm not crazy.
Let me know you are reading the signs too.

A Guria Dourada
Dione Nora

terça-feira, 23 de janeiro de 2018

I Am Sorry, But I Love You!

Good to know you're well. 

I'm ashamed for my behavior, I didn't recognize myself back then, and for all the things I said and did I am truly sorry. I hope you understand that I lost control because was so hard to believe you were so close to me, and my chances were on the table.

But I know it happened for a greater reason. You had to remember me somehow. Maybe the universe wanted to unite us. And God needed to show you that I am not a mere follower. 

It's ok.. It's all new for me too. 
However, I know it's true love, believe me it is! 
And do you know how I know that? 
Besides the chill I feel when I see you see or remember you..?
I will go away if that's what's best for you.
Waiting for a chance..
I see you in my dreams Mr.

A Guria Dourada
Dione Nora

quinta-feira, 28 de dezembro de 2017

Eu só queria andar de bicicleta..

Praia de Albatroz
Namorado de uniforme e boné azul marinho.
Mulher (eu) de blusa sobre o biquíni na casa da Gabi. 
Estávamos no portão conversando..
Eu queria andar de bicicleta.

Sonho 11/03/2016
A Guria Dourada
Dione Nora

quarta-feira, 27 de dezembro de 2017

Sonhar com Super-Heróis

Camisetas de super-heróis.
Eu colocava a camiseta, abria o casaco e mostrava pra alguém na minha cozinha.
Lanterna Verde
Capitão América
Batman caiu em um buraco que era acesso para um lugar no subsolo com várias estátuas.
Cozinha iluminada.

Sonho 10/03/2016
A Guria Dourada
Dione Nora