sexta-feira, 8 de setembro de 2017

The Will Champlin New Single "Indigo" Left Me Entranced!

Well.. this song is so perfect that left me entranced and feel like dancing on the ceiling 'out of control', enjoying the sky and being blessed by the Indigo. It's the kind of song and voice I love! I don't need to say I watch many times the Offical Music Video..

Let's hear it for!

By Dione Nora
A Guria Dourada
The Golden Girl

Born and raised in th Los Angeles area, West Coast singer/songwriter and keybordist Will Champlin grew up in a musical family and attended the Berklee College of Music in Boston. When his family relocated out East, he would spend his breaks in Nashville, where he honed his songwriting chops and immersed himself in the local music scene,even contributing a song to Heather Hardley’s Grammy-winning Audience of One LP. Champlin is eventually moved back to Los Angeles, where he contributed piano to Michael Jackson’s last album, toured with the likes of Chicago, Glen Frey, Max Weinberg, and Billy Ray Cyrus, embarked on a tour in the Middle East to entertain the troops, and became a father.

In 2013 he auditioned for season five of The Voice, where he chose Adam Levine as his mentor, and made it to the season finale.

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