quinta-feira, 28 de setembro de 2017

An Angel Came in Silence!

We were 3, subway station with ice-coloured walls.

We were very happy because it was the entrance to the water park.

We walked up the stairs and down by the slide water.

We passed several places..

We arrived at the Club and we saw the pool with calm light water in green and blue. We dive!

Suddenly, where I dove, the water became cloudy but clear. And the great brown snake with man head came and grabbed me. I got scared!

But, when I look to the pool edge, a man looked me and ask me to keep quiet, making the gesture of silence with the hand in front of his mouth. I remember I would scream.. but my mind (intuition) told me: no, no.. when I saw the snake.

We were having fun that day.. enjoying all the toboggans!

March 07, 2016
Dream That I Dreamed 
By Dione Nora
A Guria Dourada
The Golden Girl

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