quarta-feira, 6 de setembro de 2017

She's Not Good.. Natalie Brown Is Amazing! Check Out Her Songs:

You got to come closer and know more about this amazing singer. Natalie Brown produce soulful, pop and chillwave music with an extraordinary voice and talent. Her charism is contagious and her style is original. She's sweet and strong on her performances in music as in the videos where she promotes her ideas and works, you're gonna love her!

By Dione Nora
A Guria Dourada
The Golden Girl

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Chillwave / R&B / Pop - FREE Download

This chill, laid back, contemporary R&B/Chillwave/Pop song was originally intended for use in a movie soundtrack. It did not get placed so we are releasing it to you to enjoy. 

Watch Natalie's announcement video.


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