terça-feira, 4 de julho de 2017

@ToddCarey is back with a GREAT Album called #FutureThrowback. Check out:

If you like POP songs with a little 'throwback' in the good times, Nintendo is your best option right now. But if you prefer listen to an entire album from an artist with great talent, who besides is an awesome singer and a brilliant song-writer, Todd Carey is the one you were looking for.. No doubt you're gonna fall in love and start to say around "You Are My Kind of Crazy", 'till "Friday Night" comes, when you will be looking for the "Right Words" to get in this GOOD VIBE all over again! 'Cos he's AMAZING!

Do I need to say he was hit #1 on the Billboard? Check it out: http://www.toddcareymusic.com


You can listen to this Artist or buy his work on:

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