quarta-feira, 5 de julho de 2017

An "Outlander" inspiring people in everything that he does, that is @scottjkyle1!

When is about acting and producing films or being on the stage, Scott Kyle is not an "Outlander", he really knows what he's doing, and believe me, he's astonishing! But what surprises me, in a good way, is his generosity. You could say that is very common for an artist do charity, but not like he does! 

What inspires us is his ability for being an extraordinary human being who shares all his experience as teacher and actor with children around the world, sending his love and support, besides all kinds of materials to keep their dreams alive. 

Most people would say a few words in public, but Scott goes further.. like an 'Angel sharing'!

by Dione Nora
(A Guria Dourada/The Golden Girl)

To know more about Scott Kyle
Check out  his Website:

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