segunda-feira, 3 de julho de 2017

#TH1RT3EN is an Awesome #Music Artist U.S. Army Veteran! Check it out:

I am a music artist and a former homeless U.S. Army Veteran. I came out with an album and made a verified Ebay store. Karma, Can you help support by getting your copy of my physical album on Ebay? 10% of proceeds goes to Homeless Veteran charity @1Matters, so we can help homeless Veterans get housing.

You can listen to my music or Buy the Album on my Reverbnation profile:

A lot of people had an issue with ordering my album on Ebay, so I decided to go digital. a portion of the proceeds will go to funding a music tour and to produce more music. You can also now preview the songs as well. It also downloads to your mobile devices including iPhones.

Buy on Ebay!

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